Quote tweeting Enzo about dancers

I recommend taking a dance class for a while, it’s fun and you get very popular with girls.

You’re both right! “dancers”(tm) are distasteful, because dancing is like violence. Identifying with the label is indicative of trying to present something violent and sexual as “innocent” and sexless. “Oh we’re just dancing - it doesn’t mean anything”. “Dancers” are Perverts, in the Zizek sense of the word, because they are not honest about it, and purposefully present something they well know isn’t.

The general cultural understanding of things relating to dance, nightclubs, socializing and so forth, are all in on this deceit on a corporate scale, because it’s profitable: it attracts women, and women attract money. The individual “dancers” themselves usually stop at the women-point.

Nietzsche saying “one should consider day lost on which one has not danced” is not referring to dance as in, spastic MDMA convulsions and animalistic simulated sex. Here I am of course referring to Tango and Salsa.

That’s not was word “dance” meant, at the time of writing. A closer metaphor would be extremely controlled, disciplined, precisely aimed forceful movement. Gymnastics or martial arts is closer to this meaning. Or lifting weights.

“Dancing” in quotation marks is purposefully embraced nihilism. Dancing without quotation marks is Wu Wei, effortless being, where the self and action are one, where the soul and it’s action are equivalent, and it *generates* meaning.

Modern dance is to dance what a comedy stage-hypnosis show is to religion.