Never understood people who are just fine with 4k ultra hd making movies look like they're made with smart phones.

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"so too will this not make our internet fart jokes any funnier."

Well, darn.

Removing art to the artifice and stripping skill makes for not just an ocean of noise but a confusion therein for people being able to see and recognize mastery of action. Sprezzatura, wu-wei, being in the zone, whatever you want to call it will be more difficult to find for both reasons.

Millions are fooled into thinking an interactive chat program is "more intelligent than many people I talk to." That just says more about them then it does the people you're talking to.

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We are witnessing the fall of the tower of Babel, very exciting stuff.

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A brilliant essay.

I have one minor quibble, and that is the fractal complexity of nature is beautiful because all that complexity has purpose in the overall pattern of life in an eco-system, it is not merely chaotic. The reason AI "art" has no resonance with our souls and is spiritually deadening is it's "complexity" is noise, a merely chaotic mishmash of elements pulled from real art with no meaning. Nature appeals to the soul because it's complexity does have purpose and meaning.

Overall though you are on the right track and I seriously appreciate this critique of AI content that hucksters want to use to replace art with a commodity "content" which is horrifying.

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"The human eye does not produce photo realism. It produces impressionism."


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