> It is exactly because it is uncertain, that doing it impresses her. The reason “just going up and talking to her” works, is because it shouldn't. It's a miracle... The reason you should go up and talk to her is because it doesn't work. It's doomed to failure, it's ridiculous, you’re going to look like a fool and be humiliated.

The essence of "coffee was just a pretext" from a great philosopher. It either is or isn't, there IS no objective uncertainty, only that the boy in question has not made it known yet. Only through revealing the preference does he face reality of rejection directly. If there are math nerds reading this, THIS is "incomplete information" in strategy, not "asymmetric upside" in bet hedging. It is the act of seeking "alpha" (beating the odds well), not being "smart beta" (following sub-cultures to act smug). Notice the convergence of terminology between stats and spirituality?

> And we all want a cure for our inherent uncertainty. What is certainty if not a triumph of the will?

The classic example of love is in essence grabbing two uncertainties and have them hot-wired and become less uncertain. This killing of "ergodicity" or the binding of space to time, is the domestication of chaos into complexity, and is expressed through things like "will" or "love" or "truth". Uncertainty are like bugs, it will always come back after the house is temporarily cleaned, and nobody likes being poisoned by pesticides.

"If you realize that all things change,... there is nothing you cannot achieve" ~ Butchered Tao Quote

> the practitioners all eventually go mad, and stick things up their butt

A counter-theory on why utopians exist: (a) there is a certain point of fragility that one cannot be agile at all even if they desire not to, and there is no hell or torment for them, only stasis (b) topophilia, or the thirst for complexity, is the opposite of robustness as dogmatism, as the former eats the latter and absolutes are weak (c) the road from fragility to robustness is already a journey for these eternally blind... but (d) the eternally blind utopians fears the thousand-eyed opportunist, parasite fears predators but can never be or avoid them. How does one pity these midwits/NPCs/bugmen?

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Still a great essayist.

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"You submit to love, you do not conquer it....."

This paragraph is the most succinct definition of theosis I've seen.

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isn't going up to her and asking the dinosaur bone examination question the complete annihilation of uncertainty? I think the 'just do it' perspective is pretty much an act to remove what-if-anxiety to get over uncertainty paralysis

can i agree with both takes? i think trying to limit uncertainty can be helpful but also i'd like to not obsess over it. it certainly (LOL) won't go away either way

i talked to a girl today

kind regards, deviled eggvocat

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I hate being a narcissist, I want to talk to her man

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